A Cockroach Invasion In Winter?

Listen up Houston, when the weather gets cold outside you can bet insects are cold too. Just because Houston doesn’t get down to freezing temps often, doesn’t mean it’s not cold to insects and pests, especially a cockroach. When the weather turns cold like this and you see fewer mosquitos, most assume all insects are […]

Houston Real Estate Pest Inspection 101

We normally talk about Houston pest inspection and prevention in our articles, because well—it’s sort of our business. But let’s just do a complete 180 and talk about real estate, shall we? Don’t worry, we’re getting somewhere with this. So, maybe you’ve thought about moving into a nicer home in this buyers’ market? If this […]

Pest Control The Woodlands, TX Residents Can Count On

Whether your property is a small lot in a subdivision or a large semi-rural lot with some livestock, Champions is your #1 provider for pest control in The Woodlands, TX. We can help you eliminate common nuisances and dangerous pests that can cause serious health problems for your pets and family. These uninvited guests come in […]

Zika Prevention Tips From The Houston Pest Control Champions

According to the local Houston news stations, this last hurrah of winter is finally behind us. Temperatures are making a strong surge towards the low to mid-’70sonce again and Rodeo Houston is in full swing. Yes, spring is finally here, there is one thing every Houston pest control company is sure of mosquitoes are coming. The […]

What Season Are Pests Most Active?

One of the questions we get asked the most it when are [insert any random pest you’re thinking of] most active. Yes, whether they are asking about mosquitoes, mice, fleas, coyotes or those ubiquitous love bugs; Houston pest control companies just like us know that all pests have their own favorite seasons just like people. […]

How Birds Can Literally Make You Sick

Birds, for the most part, are universally regarded as beautiful examples of nature’s beauty. The flight of an American Bald Eagle, the colorful feathers of a Macaw, and the swooping talents of Pelicans are all a fascinating sight to see. That being said, not all birds are held in such high regard. Due to their […]