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Pest Control In Houston: What’s The Cost?

When dealing with pests in your home, often, a rat trap or bug spray just isn’t enough to solve your problem.  Many homeowners in Houston find themselves only putting a small band-aid on a growing problem or infestation. That’s when it’s time to reach for a serious solution and call in a professional to eradicate your issue.

Of course, professional pest control in Houston does come at a cost— but if it solves the problem it’s money well spent.  However, often, prices can vary wildly from provider to provider. One quote may be for a couple of hundred dollars and another for five hundred—it can be confusing.  That’s where this month’s blog will come in very handy.

Make yourself familiar with this guide— you’ll be able to ensure you’re not being gouged for pest control in Houston.  Additionally, on the other side of that, you’ll ensure you’re not being quoted a price that’s too low. Yes, you read that right— too low.  Cheap is never good and good is never cheap, so don’t believe unrealistic pricing.  There’s always a catch when you get an unbelievably low price—remember, it’s still a business.


Houston is one of the largest cities in the US geographically and in population.  Finding a pest control company is easy—there’s several hundred in each direction of your home.  So, how do you know who is quoting true pricing? Well, start with what the average cost of pest control is nationwide and go from there.

As of last year, the average price of a pest control visit nationwide was about $175.00.  In that same study was found a general variation between $100 and $275.  However, what you actually pay in your case could be more or less than that average.  There are many factors that will affect your price, so it’s important that you understand those factors impact.

Type Of Treatment And Frequency

In Houston pest control, common pests such as ants, spiders, and cockroaches are part of basic services.  However, more complex pest control such as dealing with termites or mice and other rodents is more expensive. This is because the methods are usually more involved, and there are additional tools and resources used. Additionally, how often you receive service will also impact the cost significantly.

How does frequency affect the cost?

  1. one-time visitfor pest control in Houston will typically run about $300 to $500 give or take.  If that price seems high, it’s due to the extra time that goes into it. It takes a significant amount of time to investigate the home and assess the problems.  The provider must determine where pests are getting in and what’s attracting them. In addition, a removal plan and ongoing protection scheme must be devised to keep pests out.
  2. An initial visit is not quite the same as a one-time visit. An initial visit is the first visit in a contract plan that you sign up for. The visit entails the same parameters and activities, but because future visits are guaranteed, it’s more affordable.  An initial visit typically costs about $180-$200 as part of your contract.
  3. periodic visitcan happen at varied frequencies such as monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly.  The average cost in Houston is as follows:
  • Monthly: $40 to $50
  • Bi-Monthly (every 2 months): $50 to $60
  • Quarterly (every 3 months): $100 to $300

As you can see, the longer you go between treatments, the higher the cost is per periodic visit. This is expected because the longer between treatments, the more time pests have to flourish.  Some pest control plans like quarterly contracts may even include a free treatment if there’s a problem between visits.

Home Size And Products Needed

Two other factors that have a great impact on the price of your service is the size of your home and the products needed to treat it.  As far as home size, the larger your home is, the more the service will cost. Larger homes mean it takes more time to treat and more products. A 3,800 sq. ft home is naturally going to cost more to treat than a 1,000 sq. ft condo. Many Houston pest control companies charge an additional $25-$30 per every 1,000 sq. ft over 1,500.

Also, the products used to treat the pests you’re dealing with will affect the cost.  For example, if you are requiring organic, natural pest control solutions—they will cost more than chemical pesticides.  In addition, different pests require different products and the price can be more or less by pest type.

Where You Need Pest Control In Houston Can Matter

While pest control prices don’t really vary much based on geographic location—there are some exceptions.  For example, pest control in The Woodlands with all its large, expensive homes may cost a bit more.  This is because the overhead is greater for a provider with offices there as well as most of the homes are oversized.

Most pest control providers operate within a standard service area so the prices remain the same. However, with Houston being such a large city there may be a distance surcharge for those on the outskirts.  The surcharge is to cover the extra fuel, time, and mileage costs required to treat a home so far out.


As with any home service such as Houston HVAC repair or landscaping—you should shop around. Pay close attention not only to the prices you see, but also the reviews for the providers you find.  Reviews are a critical tool to help you choose reputable pest control companies.

One of the best sources for this information is, of course, the internet.  Websites such as Google, Angieslist, and Nextdoor are excellent places to start.  They provide a forum for real customers to review the providers they used.  Some of these sites have millions of reviews and will even include average pricing information. This is a nice feature as it will give you a  quick snapshot of what providers are charging.  That allows you to decide much quicker, and when dealing with a pest problem, you want it resolved quickly.

 Get A Free Quote

Most Houston pest control companies will come to you and give you a free, on-site quote for the service you need.  You should have several companies come out and give you a quote before deciding on the right one for you.

Do yourself a favor and avoid companies that charge you for every little thing, such as retreatments. Most companies will guarantee their work for a period and will retreat for free, within that period if needed. Another way some companies nickel-and-dime you is charging extra for same or next-day service. That is a huge red flag that their pricing and business practices are not ethical. Think about it, if a company has a same-day slot available why would they not want to fill it?  That shows you a company trying to take advantage of people in their time of need.

Bottom line: Most pest problems can wait several days, they don’t need emergency attention.  So, take your time and make your decision wisely.


As you probably know, every industry has businesses that are less than honest and forthright.  It’s a good idea to be overly cautious in your selection process rather than act hastily. Here are a few situations that should be a sign you’re dealing with a shady business.

  • Got a price that seems to be too good to be true? Hundreds of dollars less than everyone else? Depend on your common sense here—either there’s a bait & switch ahead, or they don’t know what they’re doing.
  • A provider that shows up to your house unsolicited and offers to inspect your home for “free.”  They will either follow with a high-pressure sales pitch or they are not even pest control at all.  They could be casing your house to break in later—always verify the business and ask for proof of license.
  • A business with a non-working number or never answers the phone


Do you want a hassle-free way to rid your home of pests and keep them at bay? Contact Champions Pest Control today for a free quote!

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