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4 Common Pests To Expect After Severe Flooding

If you live in the greater Houston area then you no doubt know that we just recently suffered major flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of people are beginning to rebuild damaged and destroyed homes. One thing to expect in the wake of severe flooding is an increased presence of certain common pests. Keep reading to see what common pests might show up around your home soon.

1. Mosquitoes

For the most part, it’s common knowledge that large bodies of sitting/stale water attract mosquitoes. With the severe flooding we just suffered, and the fact that much of the flood water was stagnant for multiple days, it should be no surprise that there will be an increased presence of mosquitoes in the coming weeks. If you’re going to be outside in your yard, make sure to spray mosquito repellant to protect yourself from the disease-carrying insects.

2. Cockroaches

Much like mosquitoes, cockroaches are attracted to humid and wet conditions. Needless to say, numerous areas in and around Houston have recently suffered from severely wet and humid conditions. Cockroaches breed very fast and are therefore very hard to control. Buying some roach killer spray could be a very wise investment.

3. Wasps

If you’ve noticed an unusual amount of wasps around your home lately, it’s likely due to the recent flooding. You see, soil-dwelling grubs that were forced to the surface by the floods are an easy target for wasps. So there’s a good chance you might see a lot of wasps hovering around your yard in the next few days. Purchasing a wasp and hornet insecticide is a great way to exterminate these unwelcomed insects.

4. Termites

Termites are always a top priority when it comes to pest control efforts in your home. However, there is good reason to give even more attention to termite control efforts after a severe flooding event. Severe flooding creates conditions that are very ideal for termites. Also, treated soil can be displaced or replaced by severe flooding. So, how do you make sure that your home is still protected from termites after severe flooding? Give your local pest control experts a call and schedule a time for them to come out and re-treat your home for termite control.

If you suffered any flooding in your yard or in your home, give us a call today so that we can help keep these common pests away from your home.

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