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Guardian Mosquito Service

How It Works

The Guardian Mosquito system includes nozzles, tubing and a reservoir with a pressurized pump. Spray nozzles, connected by nylon tubing, are placed at strategic locations based on the landscaping and structure of the home to create a zone of protection. The nozzles and tubing are connected to a pressurized pumping system that is controlled by an automatic timer to deliver a water-based, EPA registered product.

Why Choose The Guardian Mosquito Service?

The Guardian Mosquito automatic system kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other flying insects. The system is more effective than citronella candles, bug zappers or repellents at protecting a large area. Also, because it works off an automated timer, the system doesn’t require you to do a thing to protect your yard, just set the timer and let the system do the rest.

Where It Can Be Installed

Our automated systems are installed in different layouts, depending on the property. Commonly, the system is set up to provide control in areas such as:

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