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Real Estate (WDI) Inspections

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When you are selling your home, the state of Texas does not requires you to have an inspection, but many mortgage companies do. If an inspection is done for the purchase of real estate, it must be provided on a state of Texas standardized form, and done by a state licensed inspector. We recommend the buyer be present at the time of inspection. The written report will be done at the site and many questions can be addressed on the spot.

What costs are involved?

Inspections will vary from property to property. The old rule of “you get what you pay for” is true. Factors affecting inspection costs are size and location.

How long does an inspection last?

Our normal inspection time is an hour to an hour and a half. 

What should I look for in an inspector?

Due to the level of knowledge required, we recommend inspections only by certified applicators in the termite field with at least 5 years of experience treating termites in the North Houston area. Considering that building constructions and soil types will change from one area of Houston to another, it is important to use an inspector who is familiar with your local region.

Common Questions

We provide you with the best pest control because we focus on details and organization. For other questions, give us a call or contact us today!

Our Residential Services

With over forty years of experience in the Houston pest control field, we are right at home here in the North Houston region that includes Spring, Cypress, and the Woodlands. Our complete schedule of residential services specializes in pests most commonly found in this region including by not limited to:






Guardian Service Plan

Insects and other pests although annoying and sometimes frightening, are very important to the environment—when they are in balanced populations and in proper areas. Often though, they cross over into our domains and homes and problems can range from annoying to health hazards. Flies can be annoying, but they also spread infectious diseases. Spiders eat other insects but their venom can also be a health hazard when they bite you or your children.

Under Champions expert care on a consistent basis with our Guardian Service Plan, you can rest easy at night knowing your home is always protected and without messy contracts. Our service is planned around YOUR needs—whether it’s bi-monthly, semi-annual, monthly, or quarterly; you decide when you need us and we show up.

Our standard initial service protects the interior of your house, attic, and garage as well as the home perimeter. Our Guardian Service plan maintains that control with an ongoing service that uses baits, and dusts inside and around the perimeter to provide a constant barrier from roaches, ants, spiders and a wide assortment of other pests on regularly scheduled service plan to protect your entire property. 

Let Us Be Your Pest Control Champions

Let us give you the peace of mind and comfort that comes from a home protected against dangerous and destructive pests. Enjoy your family cookouts, playtime with the kids, and playing fetch with your dogs without the threat of spiders, fire ants, termite, and other pests. Contact us today!

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