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Our Commercial Pest Control Services

Champions Pest Control has your needs covered with our Houston pest control services that are tailored to your specific needs and industry. We keep the pests at bay so your customers aren’t scared away from your workplace.

Commercial pest control services are a business necessity for many reasons, the most obvious being maintaining a professional image. If you own a catering company, for example, your customers will drop their business with you in a hot second if they see roaches scurrying across the floor of your showroom. You want to have a business environment that is welcoming to your customers and presents your best up front and center. When you have a pest infestation, that makes that ideal environment very hard to achieve.

Champions commercial pest control services aren’t just about cleaning up an infestation, we are all about prevention first if possible. We provide proven solutions and easily managed service plans to stop an infestation before it starts. This can result in huge savings and add to your bottom line.

Industries We Service

After 40 years of working within the Greater Houston area, we have gained customers in many different industries. Within each industry sector comes unique needs, parameters, and unique challenges when it comes to pest control. We gladly welcome any industry we have not had experience with (although there are very few) as our service is easily adaptable to any these following industries we have serviced and more.




Property Management

Customized Scheduled Service Plans

At Champions Pest Control, we understand that each business has its own unique characteristics as well as unique pest control needs. When you trust us with your scheduled pest control service plan, you don’t get a generic plan that everyone else gets.

We customize every aspect of our service plans to meet your unique business needs and concerns regarding pest control.  We design a customized plan that targets pest issues you are facing, the risks they pose to your business, and the best way to treat your workplace without impacting your normal business flow.

Our skilled pest control technicians are thoroughly experienced in treating a multitude of pests common to the Houston area. Pests that are known to disrupt day-to-day operations of your business and negatively affect your customers. Some of the pests we experience the most often are:

In order to resolve your commercial pest issues, we have a multitude of effective solutions to suit the specific pests you’re encountering and the nuances of your working environment. These treatments range from full inspections, safe and non-toxic pest control treatments, pest traps, fogging, and prevention/exclusion procedures to deter and prevent pests from breaching your workspace.

Our Service Is Environmentally Friendly

In addition to giving you the best in customized commercial pest control in Houston, our company is adamant in minimizing the use of pesticides when possible. With over 40 years of experience in dealing with pests, what attracts them, and what deters them we are able to use prevention and exclusion methods instead of pesticides to eliminate an issue. Each case differs depending upon unique circumstances but we always try to mitigate the use of chemicals when at all possible.

The Bottom Line: Champions Keep You Pest Free

No matter what industry you are in, pests are a threat and our commercial pest control services are the best defense. Your brand is extremely important to your success and part of maintaining that brand is the condition of your physical premises. Our service plans allow you to free up the resources you have to focus on what you do best—running your business. 

Contact us today to see how we can keep your workplace pest free for your customers and your employees. We have solutions for every industry need and will come out and inspect your facilities to see what can be done in accordance with your unique business needs. 

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