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Animal removal, Wildlife Trapping & Relocating

Have a nuisance animal on your property, in your home or business? Champions Wildlife Control can help! We will perform a detailed inspection to determine the type of animal, and the best approach to trap and remove that animal. Of course, all of the trapping, deodorizing, repelling, etc. in the world isn’t as effective as physically restricting the animals from entering the building through animal exclusions and damage repair..

Home Exclusions

Say good-bye to the wildlife in your life. Champions Pest Control will slam the door shut on these unwelcome pests! With every thorough building inspection, you will receive a written estimate for all exclusion and damage repair work necessary. Every entry point into your building will be located and properly sealed by trained professionals.

Repairs are the most important step in a total wildlife control plan. They ensure that no more new animals can ever get back in to the building, and if done right, keep animals out for good!

Animal Waste Clean-Up & Decontamination

Urban Wildlife Control can remove soiled attic insulation, bio-hazardous excrement, nesting materials, etc, and  decontaminate the attic. This service will reclaim your attic space and substantially reduce your home’s energy bill. Learn why we are North Houstons premier Animal Waste Removal.

Dead Animal Removal

Champions Pest Control can locate and remove almost all dead animals in walls, attics and crawl spaces. We will perform sanitation and deodorization in the area the animal was located. Dead animals cause foul odors, breed bacteria, release viruses and molds making an area unusable for a long periods of time.


We warranty our work for 1 years against animal re-entry and is renewable for the life of the home. In other words if within warranty, if an animal gets in through our repairs, we will remove the animals and repair the problem for FREE! So rest assured that once you have given us your problem, we will take care of it from start to finish!

Let Us Be Your Pest Control Champions

We know choosing a pest control provider can be overwhelming with all of the lingo and options. Our consultants are here to answer any question without all the shop talk. You’ll have everything broken down for you into plain English without pushing a contract on you. Like we say, we come out and earn your continued business with every service call. That’s how the business should be and that’s how we have operated for the last 40 years.

Contact us today and see why Houstonians have trusted us as their go-to solution for all pest issues large and small. 

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