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As we are a full-service pest control company we are well-equipped and skilled to solve a wide variety of pest issues that Houston residents often face. We work with you to rid your home of pests such as termites, cockroaches, and even wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels or invasive birds.

Our Residential Services

With over forty years of experience in the Houston pest control field, we are right at home here in the North Houston region that includes Spring, Cypress, and the Woodlands. Our complete schedule of residential services specializes in pests most commonly found in this region including by not limited to:






Guardian Service Plan

Insects and other pests although annoying and sometimes frightening, are very important to the environment—when they are in balanced populations and in proper areas. Often though, they cross over into our domains and homes and problems can range from annoying to health hazards. Flies can be annoying, but they also spread infectious diseases. Spiders eat other insects but their venom can also be a health hazard when they bite you or your children.

Under Champions expert care on a consistent basis with our Guardian Service Plan, you can rest easy at night knowing your home is always protected and without messy contracts. Our service is planned around YOUR needs—whether it’s bi-monthly, semi-annual, monthly, or quarterly; you decide when you need us and we show up.

Our standard initial service protects the interior of your house, attic, and garage as well as the home perimeter. Our Guardian Service plan maintains that control with an ongoing service that uses baits, and dusts inside and around the perimeter to provide a constant barrier from roaches, ants, spiders and a wide assortment of other pests on regularly scheduled service plan to protect your entire property. 

Industries We Service

After 40 years of working within the Greater Houston area, we have gained customers in many different industries. Within each industry sector comes unique needs, parameters, and unique challenges when it comes to pest control. We gladly welcome any industry we have not had experience with (although there are very few) as our service is easily adaptable to any these following industries we have serviced and more.




Property Management

Additional Services

The Guardian Service is designed to protect the inside and perimeter of your home against invading pests. Additional services are available for other outside pests on a one time or regularly scheduled basis.
These services treat:

Let Us Be Your Pest Control Champions

We know choosing a pest control provider can be overwhelming with all of the lingo and options. Our consultants are here to answer any question without all the shop talk. You’ll have everything broken down for you into plain English without pushing a contract on you. Like we say, we come out and earn your continued business with every service call. That’s how the business should be and that’s how we have operated for the last 40 years.

Contact us today and see why Houstonians have trusted us as their go-to solution for all pest issues large and small. 

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