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Mosquito Barrier Protection

How It Works

At Champions Pest Control, we provide many pest control services. While they are all very effective, the Mosquito Barrier Protection is the most effective mosquito control service we provide.

After you have requested the Mosquito Barrier Protection service, one of our highly trained technicians will spray your yard and gardens with an effective barrier spray that eliminates pesky mosquitoes for 30 days. The spray kills mosquitoes on initial contact and sticks to foliage and acts as a repellent for the rest of the 30 days. The unique aspect of the Mosquito Barrier Protection is the backpack sprayer used for the treatment. The backpack sprayer is designed to be very accurate and effective so that you don’t have to suffer through the nuisance of mosquitoes in your yard any longer. 

Compared to other pest treatment products, the spray used for the Mosquito Barrier Protection allows for you and your family to safely enjoy your yard 30 minutes after the spray is applied. We recommend a continued service every few weeks throughout the course of the summer season for maximum mosquito prevention results.

Convenient To You

Mosquito Barrier Protection also provides great convenience to our customers. Due to the fact that the spray is only applied outside, we don’t need our customers to be at home when we spray their yards and gardens. If you’re not home when one of our technicians applies the barrier spray we will leave you a note that we serviced your yard while you were gone.

Commercial Services

Not only does the Mosquito Barrier Protection prove to be effective in keeping mosquitoes away from your home, but it proves to be very effective for commercial and recreational areas as well. The safety and effectiveness of the spray allows people to enjoy the outdoors at any recreational areas and protects your business’ visitors from any insect-borne disease.

Let Us Be Your Pest Control Champions

We know choosing a pest control provider can be overwhelming with all of the lingo and options. Our consultants are here to answer any question without all the shop talk. You’ll have everything broken down for you into plain English without pushing a contract on you. Like we say, we come out and earn your continued business with every service call. That’s how the business should be and that’s how we have operated for the last 40 years.

Contact us today and see why Houstonians have trusted us as their go-to solution for all pest issues large and small. 

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