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5 Ways To Keep Mosquitos Away

What’s worse than enjoying your own yard and being eaten alive by mosquitoes? There’s really nothing worse than that. The summer months are a prime time for mosquitoes to invade your yard and become a constant nuisance. Read these 5 tips to help keep mosquitoes away this summer.

1. Mow Your Yard

High un-cut grass is the perfect environment for mosquitoes to thrive in. Mowing your yard once a week is an easy first step to getting rid of mosquitoes. However, don’t forget to pick up the grass clippings once you’ve mowed. Leaving the grass clippings in the yard will attract just as many mosquitoes as before you mowed.

2. Get Rid of Stagnant Water

It is common knowledge that mosquitoes love to standing and stagnant water. Do yourself a favor and get rid of any possible stagnant water in your yard. Whether it’s a low spot in your yard that you need to fill in or a kiddie pool that you need to drain of remaining water, do whatever you can to eliminate all potential mosquito breeding grounds.

3. Use Repellent

This might be the easiest way of preventing mosquitoes from attacking you the second you step outside. Spray on a generous coat of mosquito spray when you are outside for any extended amount of time to keep those pesky insects away. Also, just because you sprayed yourself three hours ago doesn’t mean the mosquito spray is still effective. You should apply mosquito spray every couple of hours to protect yourself as much as possible.

4. Avoid Being Outside at Dusk

This one might seem a little questionable. Why would you avoid being outside during the time of the day when it’s least likely to be unbearably hot? Well, dusk is actually when mosquitoes become the most active. So, if you have an outdoor project that you need to work on, try to get it done in the middle of the day if you are able to bear the heat. If you simply can’t work during the middle of the day and have to be outside at dusk, make sure to follow our third tip (using plenty of repellent).

5. Hire a Houston Pest Control Expert

Although the previous four tips are all very helpful, the easiest way to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard is to hire a Houston pest control expert. Having been in business since 1979, you can trust that Champions Pest Control is your best option when looking for a Houston pest control expert. We offer several effective pest control options. The most effective mosquito control service we offer is the Mosquito Barrier Protection. The Mosquito Barrier Protection has an extremely accurate spray that targets and eliminates mosquitoes and allows your family to enjoy your yard just 30 minutes after our technician has finished.

For your Houston pest control needs, Champions Pest Control is the ultimate solution. Call us to schedule your service today!

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