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Does Pest Control Really Work?

A: Yes, pest control really works. Once the target pest is identified and the correct product is applied in accordance with the label, it should be successful 100% of the time.

To some, the concept of scheduled preventative pest control in Houston seems like a scam. Sadly, that is because there are indeed some unscrupulous pest control providers. We agree that any company that relies on a hard sell and unsavory business tactics—are scammers.

However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that preventative pest control is worth every penny—if provided by a reputable company. It’s not a scam, because when it’s done properly as Scott mentioned—it just works, plain and simple.


A preventative pest control program will vary somewhat depending on what company you go with. But typically, every visit includes an inspection of your home and the perimeter for infestation signs. Also, it will include an interior barrier spray, exterior spray, and special treatments in vulnerable locations such as crevices. Additionally, if you have any spider webs, wasp nests, or other unwanted pest habitats, removal of those may be included.

Having a pest control company come out to your home regularly to inspect and treat your home and property has some great benefits. Some you are probably well aware of, but some benefits you might not have thought about.

Professional Training

One of the biggest benefits is the experience that comes with professional pest control technicians. Unless you want to spend the time to learn what pesticide you need, proper mixture, application, and precautions—get a pro. There’s a reason the home service industry exists because no one person can know the ins and outs of everything. It’s nice to know that your home is safely protected from infestations.

Pesticides contain ingredients that on their own are not harmful, but if mixed with common household items improperly, could be toxic. Your technicians are well-versed in the science of pesticides and safe chemical handling.

It Saves Time

Even if you took the time to learn all about pest control—there’s only 24 hours in a day. When you let a professional handle your home you save yourself a lot of time. Whether it’s work, family events, or just reading a book—time is precious. Do you really want to spend it trekking around in your yard with a spray can? Most people don’t, especially during Houston summers when it’s routinely 95° or hotter.

Maybe you like to schedule things like HVAC maintenance and pest control only when it’s needed. However, how easy is it to get sidetracked and keep forgetting to schedule? A couple of missed treatments, and you end up undoing all the work you’ve done. When it comes to stopping pests like ants and termites from taking over, early detection is crucial.

Having a technician regularly inspecting your property, learning your home inside and out will help notice those signs early on. Treatments are much easier when the problem is in its infancy and not a full-blown infestation.

You Get A Guarantee

Preventative pest control services come with a warranty. They can offer this because the logic is, if you’re getting pest control regularly, there should be no pest issues. They’re doing the work, assessing the property, and taking necessary precautions to prevent that.

Most warranties cover you for the timeframe between scheduled service dates. If you have an issue, you make a call and a technician comes out to fix the problem. The good thing is, it doesn’t cost you any more money since it’s included. Had you done the pest control on your own—you’d be footing the bell for more product and doing the work.

Naturally, with any pest control warranty, you should always carefully examine the warranty and ask all questions up front. Never assume something in the warranty—always confirm it with the company and get it in writing. Every pest control company will have some variance of terms and conditions within the warranties that they offer.

There’s No Price Surprises

If you just call a company for pest control when you have an issue, you never know what the cost could be. There could be things that come up because you lapsed too long between treatments, or the last treatment was done poorly. Either way, doing pest control here and there will ultimately dig deep into your budget over time.

If you get routine pest control service, you’re less likely to develop an issue that gets out of hand. An infestation can spring up even in the cleanest of houses. However, with most service plans being quarterly, you’ll have someone constantly monitoring the situation. Even though preventative maintenance may seem like an unnecessary monthly charge—it pays off in dividends.

The Preventative Measures Simply Work

The reason why preventative pest control has such strong warranties is that the measures taken simply work. They are very effective at not only eradicating pests from your home but deterring them from coming in. Also, depending on the service you request and the provider’s offerings—you may also be protected from rodents.

These prevention methods also make your home safer, healthier, and cleaner. Infestations can leave your home full of pathogens, dirt, and parasites.

By now, you’re probably wondering what preventative services consist of and why they’re so effective. There’s a short answer and a long answer to that question—we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. We’ll tell you what you should expect from preventative treatment plans so you aren’t scammed.


As we mentioned earlier, there are some unscrupulous pest control companies in Houston. These companies might charge you for preventative service plans. However, how do you know that you’re getting the service you’re paying for?

After you read this quick summary, you should be able to recognize if your provider is being honest in the treatments.

The first thing the technician should do is ask you what pest problems you are having and with what pests. Spiders, ants, roaches, and silverfish all behave differently and also respond to different pesticides in their way. If they just come in and start spraying random treatments around your yard—ask them to stop. They need to provide targeted services to focus on the pests you have, not a generalized service.

The technician should also go inside your house and spray along the baseboards, crevices, corners, and other locations bugs can hide. They should walk through the entire house during this process. If they come across a problem spot in the home such as a spider infestation, they will treat it immediately.

Once the interior inspection and spraying are done, they walk around the outside perimeter of the house. They’ll inspect and spray the foundation, windows, and around exterior doors to keep outside pests from getting inside.

Additionally, there may be some problem areas inside and out that you are creating unknowingly. Your technician should point those out to you and offer suggestions to prevent a growing problem.


One of the best ways to ensure you get quality service that works is to call us first. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service. We aren’t there to upsell you or pressure you into any unnecessary treatments. We’re there to protect your home from pests and do it with integrity.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with whatever pest problems you are having.

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