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Exposing The Most Popular Pest Control Myths

When it comes to pest control, there are plenty of myths floating around. Some have more substantial credibility but many remain myths for a reason. We’re going to break down and expose some of the more popular pest control myths throughout this blog.

“If I don’t see pests, then I don’t have a pest problem.”

This is essentially living in denial. Just because you can’t see pests in your home does not mean that you don’t have a pest problem or that there aren’t any pests in your home. Simply put, the pests that you don’t see crawling around are the toughest to exterminate. So, just because you don’t see any pests crawling around your home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call Champions Pest Control to eliminate the toughest pests.

“If my home is clean then I won’t have a pest problem.”

Alright, while having a clean home is important for sanitary reasons and looks very nice, it doesn’t eliminate the potential for a pest problem. Roaches, ants, bed bugs and rats can all survive in a home as long as there is some source of food. Your home can be immaculately clean, but as long as there is some sort of food source, pests can survive in your home.

“I can control my pest problem with DIY solutions.”

Sure, do-it-yourself solutions can be fun and can have some level of success when trying to eliminate pests from your home. But, the truth of the matter is that the expertise of the technicians at Champions Pest Control is second to none. If you truly want to get rid of your pest problem, don’t settle for DIY solutions instead of calling Champions Pest Control for help.

“My cat is my pest control for rodents.”

Yes, cats do have a reputation of hunting mice. However, the fact that you feed your cat on a regular basis serves to deter the cat from it’s natural desire to hunt mice for food. An indoor cat isn’t going to do the trick to keep away rodents like the experts at Champions Pest Control. You might think your cat viciously hunts mice, but the odds of exterminating rodents from your home are much better when you call the experts of Champions Pest Control.

Have you ever believed one of these (or any other) pest control myths? If so, then you need to call us today to schedule your appointment.

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