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Houston Mouse Control Tips

All across this area, Houston pest control companies are overloaded with work. It’s high season for pests with the temperature change. While we get a lot of calls for wasp nests, and ant piles (due to the rain), the calls we get the most—are for rodents.

Yes, when it gets colder outside these rodents seek the warm shelter your home can provide. Think about it—there’s food, water, and protection from predators and the elements. Why wouldn’t they want to move in?

Yes, there are other pests to be concerned about besides rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels—but these are the most troublesome.  We’ve seen some cases where a homeowner’s entire electrical has been damaged by rodents gnawing through wires. Additionally, all rodents carry diseases and other bugs such as lice.

Are you familiar with the struggle? Well, you’re not alone, but of all rodents, especially during the winter—mice are the biggest issue. However, knowing a few tips and tricks for rodent control will help you tackle any mouse problem. At the same time, it can be time-consuming, so that’s why you call Champions Pest Control—we take the burden off of your shoulders.

Effective Tips For Mouse Control In Houston

So, just in case you have an immediate need for solutions or want to go at it on your own here are a few tips. They range from the obvious to the obscure, but effective.

Mouse Traps

Listen, we don’t like having to bring mice to their demise either, we don’t think anyone does. But laying traps is not only the most effective solution for a mouse problem it’s also more humane. Yes, you read that right…hold on, hear us out.

While many may think that catch-and-release traps are a more humane solution, they’re not thinking about the wild. When you release a mouse into the wild, especially in winter, the odds are extremely high that they suffer a more painful demise.

The difficulty of finding food in the wild means a mouse might actually die slowly from starvation. It’s both physically more painful and emotionally cruel for the mouse.

Whichever way you go, just make sure you place whatever trap you buy in an area where there is mouse activity. Look for signs such as droppings, chewed baseboards, etc. Mice don’t make neat little doors in your baseboard like Tom & Jerry might lead you to believe.

A Clean House Attracts No Mouse

An easy way to avoid the depressing task of mouse extermination is the obvious answer—prevention. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Mice are driven to your home first by thirst and hunger—they stay for the shelter.

They’re after the crumbs in your kitchen, open bags of chips in the pantry, food in dog bowls, and more. However, if you keep your home free of these easy sources, they’re on to the next house or back into the wild to forage.

Make it as unattractive as possible in your house. Keep food stored in airtight containers, sweep often, and do not leave food in dogs’ bowls.

Clear The Yard Clutter

While keeping a clean and clutter-free house is critical, have you considered the yard?  If the clutter in your house is like a Hilton for a mouse, a cluttered yard is like the marquee sign. When your yard has a lot of clutter such as bags of leaves, and unpicked garden crops—it’s advertising your habits.

Mice are incredibly intelligent animals and if they see the outdoor space is in disarray, they’re going to take a shot at your house where it’s warm. Making themselves guests in your yard is just the first step.

Shore Up Entry Points

Mice make their way into your home in a variety of ways, but usually, they take the path of least resistance.

One of these common paths is in small gaps around pipes, doorframes, and air vents on the roof. No matter where they’re coming in, it’s up to you to plug those gaps. You can also put traps near these vulnerabilities to deter them from trying to break thru.

Become A Cat Person

Remember we told you about obscure but effective methods? If you have a mouse problem and want an easy hands-off solution—get a cat!

Cats hunt mice and are very independent and self-sufficient animals. Of course, some cats are more hunter prone than others. There is the off-chance you end up with a Garfield vs. a feline predator.

However, even if they aren’t interested in hunting mice, the mice don’t know that and will see the cat as a threat and stay away. Although this is Houston and the mice here are a Lil more hardened and brave.

Spray Predator Pee Around Your Yard

While we’re on that obscure angle, fox urine is a classic deterrent for mice and other small rodents. You can find this at most home and garden stores, as well as feed stores. Any mice around your home will smell that urine and make a b-line in the opposite direction.

Remember, mice are runners, not fighters, they don’t stand a chance against any predators, so they avoid all confrontation. Not to worry, the scent is not strong to humans, but to animals, the pheromones are very strong and send a clear signal—DANGER!

Champions: The Best In Houston Mouse Control

There isn’t a substitute for the professional expertise a Houston pest control specialist brings to the table. Plus, if you join our Guardian Service Plan, you have us constantly monitoring your home for potential problems.

Why take time out of your busy schedule trying to juggle pest control along with all your other duties. Just contact Champions and let us do what we do best—prevent pests from infringing on your life.

Contact us and we’ll make quick work of any pest problem you have whether it’s mice, wasps, ants, spiders, or any other common household pests.

Contact us today and join the Guardian Service Plan!

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