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Houston Pest Control Post-Flood

In the Houston post-flood pest control industry, it’s common knowledge that spring is the busiest season for any provider.  Mainly because it’s the time of the year that Houston receives the most rainfall—like these recent floods. Now, Houstonians are no strangers to floods, whether they are as small as a bayou overflow, or as large as what Harvey brought.  In fact, floods are our most costly and regularly occurring form of natural disasters in this region.

What is confusing for some residents is what to do around the house to get everything back to normal.  One of the biggest issues residents face is water damaged drywall, rotting wood, and insect/pest infestations.


Just as you are sometimes displaced from your home during some larger floods—so are insects, rodents, and other pests.  During these floods, they seek higher ground too, and often move to other structures such as homes, offices, and dry areas. Even though the floods earlier this month were relatively minor and in select areas, they can still create quite a pest problem for Houstonians.  The problem not only develops during a severe storm but also weeks after the water has receded.  Fire ants, rats, snakes, and other dangerous pests often show up in your yard or home after a flood.  What makes things worse, is they don’t return to where they came from—they make themselves at home, in your home.


After a flood has run its course in your neighborhood, there is a post-flood pest control game plan you should follow. Following this game plan after a flood can make all the difference in getting your life back to normal.

Dehumidify Your Home

Excess humidity in your home is one of the biggest magnets for insects and other pests.  Since they are attracted to the moisture, dry out the air with high flow fans to achieve less attractive conditions.

If you don’t have a humidifier installed with your HVAC system, investing in one is almost gospel when living in Houston.

Seal Up All Openings

Houston storms and floods do a ton of damage every year—especially busted windows and doors.  While waiting on replacement windows and doors, patch them up with plywood.  Holes in windows and doors are easy access points for pests and rodents. You may also want to hire a Houston pest control company such as Champions, to seal all holes and gaps around your home.

Get Rid Of Water Damaged Items And Debris

It’s critical to remove all water damaged items such as food, furniture, and debris as soon as possible. When in doubt, stay on the safe side and toss it out.

Deep Clean And Disinfect

Giving your home a deep clean and disinfecting all surfaces is always a good thing—but it’s extra critical following a flood. Make sure to use disinfectant to clean underneath furniture, appliances, and other large items.  Duct cleaning might also be necessary to avoid mold and mildew in the air supply.

Hire A Reputable Houston Pest Control Company

We understand with all the costs of cleaning up, it might be tempting to go the DIY route for post-flood pest control.  Many homeowners are tempted to douse the home with insecticides and other dangerous chemicals.

The reality is, pesticides and insecticides are toxic chemicals that should only be handled by a professional.  At Champions, we strive to avoid using toxic pesticides whenever possible—as it might not always be the best solution.

In fact, we carefully develop unique treatment regiments based on your home’s individual needs and issues.  Our methods are low-impact and handled responsibly by well-trained pest control experts.  Your safety and comfort is our #1 concern.

Contact us today if you have a pest problem due to the recent floods and want relief safely and efficiently.

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