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How Do I Prepare For Pest Control Treatment?

A: That depends on what pest you’re trying to control and what the level of infestation is at the control site. Preparation can be anything from zero to a total cleanout of pantries and cabinets or removal of infested materials in or around the structure. So, it varies depending on what you’re trying to control and what the level of infestation is.

So, your pest infestation has finally gotten bad enough to warrant a call to a Houston pest control company. Now that you’ve decided to bring in the pros to eradicate the uninvited guests you can sit back and let them do the work. However, since you are asking this question, you probably haven’t hired pest control professionals before.

So, we’re going to give you a quick crash course on hiring a pest control company so your experience is a good one. You’ll need to know some important things before you choose someone. Like making sure you know WHO is performing your services—not all Houston pest control companies are alike. Choosing a well-respected and skilled pest control company will get you off on the right foot.


Listen, hiring a professional pest control company in Houston is just like any other home service provider. The number one rule—do your research.

You want to get online and search for Houston pest control and check out the websites and reviews of a few companies. Never just go with the first one you see and accept their quote—you could be getting a bad deal. Instead, look at what real customers have said, look over their accreditations, and make sure you check on the following:

Do They Have Experience With Your Particular Problem?

Not all pest control companies handle all pests. For example, some may only handle insects and small rodents. What if you have snakes, raccoons, or something else that requires special care. Believe it or not, some pest control companies only have experience with common pests such as roaches and bedbugs.

Are They Licensed, Insured & Bonded?

This should be a no-brainer, but pest control companies need to be licensed in the state of Texas, they must also be insured & bonded in case they damage your home. If they don’t have both—call the next one on the list.

Are They Reputable?

Check Google Reviews, Angie’s List, or Yelp before you proceed with a provider. See how other customers were treated. You’ll always get a handful of people that can’t be pleased, but those reviews should be rare if it’s a reputable provider. If bad reviews are the norm—NEXT!


The only reason professional pest control services exist is to get rid of customer’s pest infestations. Therefore, they are extensively trained on proper protocols and procedures for a wide variety of infestations.

They may come out for a single treatment or they can be hired in an ongoing service arrangement such as monthly or quarterly. A reputable pest control company should maintain a high level of professionalism on every level. They should be informative, answer any of your questions, and provide a thorough inspection before and after treatment. They should also provide you with a detailed report of their findings, the solutions they recommend, and an estimate. Once you agree to the services suggested, they should give you another report on what was done. Also, they should cover what areas, if any, need follow-up treatments if any.

Now, before your first treatment from whichever pest control company you choose, you have some homework to do. Your home needs to be prepared for the technician’s arrival to ensure the best possible results.

Houston Pest Control Works Best In A Clean Home

In Houston, we deal with a lot of bug problems given our warmer and more humid climate. However, we also deal with our fair share of animals and rodents. As Scott mentioned, what you need to do to prepare depends on what kind of pest problem you’re having. However, having a clean home is a good base to start from. There is a general cleaning and organizing checklist you can go through to ensure a successful visit no matter the issue:

Pre-Treatment Cleaning Guide

A yard and home that is as clean and organized as possible makes it easier for the technician to get around the home and yard. They will need to have clear access to baseboards, closets, nooks, and crannies as well as flower beds and sheds outside. Basically, anywhere a bug or pest can hide, they need to be able to access those areas. Special areas to pay attention to are children’s rooms. Toys need to be put away or covered in plastic if they are too large to move.

Remove all garbage from the home to eliminate any food sources for the pests you’re trying to bait or kill. This is especially important when dealing with ant or roach infestations—some of the most common problems in Houston.

Unused cardboard boxes, newspapers, and other paper products should be tossed as well, bugs love to hide in paper—especially cardboard.

Dust your home thoroughly, bugs can get coated with so much dust when running from pesticide, that it can protect them. Plus it makes it harder for the pesticide to get in crevices where it needs to be.

Make sure you cover items used for food preparation in plastic—mixing bowls, spoons, appliances, and other items. Things like cereal or open boxes of food need to be in Ziploc bags or airtight storage canisters. This is to protect your food from being contaminated by occasional overspray of pesticide.

If you have pets, make sure they are either not home, or kept a safe distance away from the technician’s spray. When he’s inside, make sure they’re outside and vice versa.

Now, you have a good idea of what to do before you receive your pest control treatment. But, let’s shift to what to do after treatment has been completed.


Unless you have to have your home fogged or tented for termites, most pest control services are performed while you are in the home. The pesticides usually make no impact on humans or animals unless ingested. After the treatment has been done, you will want to do a few things before the technician leaves. After all, you want to make sure the problem is rectified, and if any additional treatments are needed.

You should get a report stating what was done, how effective it should be, and when to see results. Also if follow-up treatment is recommended they might schedule that. It’s also a good time to inquire about ongoing preventative pest control plans which stop infestations before they happen.

It is not recommended to use any pesticides from the store immediately following your service. Some chemicals could mix with the pesticides and create a toxic reaction. Also do not clean right away for this same reason, but also because it could wash away the pesticide.

If after a few days, you still have problems with pests, your technician should come out for a free evaluation. They can determine the cause of a continued infestation or determine they did not cover it properly. Either way, you will get a solution that will rectify the problem. At Champions, we do our treatments right the first time.


If you’re having problems with a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment for treatment. We’ll look over your home and perimeter, identify the entry points, what’s drawing them to your home, and give you a treatment plan. Just contact us here to get relief from your pest problem today!

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