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Is Pest Control Only For Residential Properties?

A: No, pest control in Houston can be done at commercial properties such as restaurants, daycares, hospitals, office buildings, & storage units. The commercial aspect of pest control in Houston is very similar to residential—people just don’t sleep there. We can take care of any kind of problem at any type of property.


What if the area your business is located had a problem with burglary of commercial properties? What steps would you take to prevent intruders from breaking into your business? Would you hire a security company to come install cameras? Maybe you’d seek out the assistance of a locksmith to bolster your deadbolts? Whatever steps you would take, odds are that they would not be DIY measures. You have a business to run and likely don’t have the tools or know-how for security systems.

Now, what if we were talking about intruders of a different kind? We’re talking about pests—rats, spiders, roaches, and other unwelcome creatures. Invading your home is one thing, it’s inconvenient, can be a serious health risk, and disturbs your peace. However, pests invading your business could cost you a lot more than your peace of mind.

For example, let’s say you have a popular restaurant in Houston and business is booming. Suddenly you notice there’s an influx of roaches getting in the building, you kill them and go about your business. Then one day, a customer is dining in and a roach crawls across their table—do we really need to say any more? You know how this story goes in this day and age of viral social media and bad Facebook posts.


The best way to avoid this situation is to be proactive when it comes to pest control and prevention at your business. The best solution for businesses of any type is to hire a professional Houston pest control company. Why is it necessary to hire professionals for something that seems as simple as spraying some Raid or setting some traps?

Because pest control is not that simple at all. In fact, there is a lot of science, biology, and entomology that goes into it.

Let’s take a look and compare doing your pest control yourself, versus calling the professionals.

The Cost

We understand that financials are tough right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the bottom line is a huge factor. It’s the first question business owners ponder when seeking professional commercial pest control in Houston.

Admittedly, it may seem like it’s less expensive to just buy the chemicals and equipment you’ll need and do it yourself. Unfortunately, what you will end up finding out is that the fee pest control companies charge isn’t just for the materials. In fact, it’s not even just for the labor and materials—it’s for the institutional knowledge to correctly treat the problem.

As a business owner, you are liable for the safety of patrons and employees while they’re on your property. That’s the logic behind OSHA standards, health department regulations, and other regulations for Houston business owners. These companies have undergone certification and training to handle chemicals that if used incorrectly—can be dangerous. Furthermore, they know how to effectively correct a pest issue. All it takes is one employee or customer to sue due to the improper use of chemicals or an encounter with a pest. The sad truth is, some people are quick to litigate and there isn’t a shortage of injury lawyers happy to oblige. So, in the end, you could potentially end up costing yourself more by going at it yourself.

The Time

When people say, “time is money,” you can bet that it’s even more true for business owners. This simple fact is why most business owners hire professionals for commercial pest control in Houston. Any task that takes them away from running their business will cost money. So, if they’re going to spend money either way, might as well hire a professional and use their time more efficiently.

For example, if you’ve never performed any pest control yourself, you are going to spend a lot of time researching. Mix the wrong chemicals together—and you’ve got a situation on your hands. Use the wrong chemical for the wrong pest—you’ve wasted time for nothing.

All in all, your best bet is to save yourself the headache, money, and time and call a professional.

Infestation or Minor Issue?

When you look into options for pest control in Houston, you have to assess the severity of your issue. If you’re just trying to stop the occasional cockroach—sure, you can do that on your own. Here lies the problem though, where there is one insect—legions will follow.

So yes, you could kill a roach here or there but roaches communicate effectively. When they find a good food source they mark it with aggregation pheromones—a tracker of sorts for fellow roaches. These are secreted from their body and can be picked up from far away. So, you may kill a few roaches, but chances are they’ve marked your spot and more will follow.

What you will need to do is not only eradicate the problem but also eliminate the cause and use determent measures. Yes, you can do simple things like keeping your workplace clean and free of food sources. However, you also need to spray specific chemicals that deter the specific pests you are encountering most often.

That is a good lead-in to our next factor to consider—not all threats are visible ones.

Hidden Pest Threats

Most business owners seem to think that pest control is more of a reactionary type of control. You see a roach, kill a roach—do a little perimeter spray and move on.

However, many insects, especially termites will hide out inside your walls, under the foundation, and out of sight. You might think that because your workplace uses a metal framework that you’re safe—you’re not. Chances are there is wood somewhere within your building and termites will stop at nothing to find it. Hidden threats like these are best diagnosed by a professional so you can take appropriate action.

To cut to the chase—there’s way too many pests in Houston for you to deal with on your own efficiently. A professional already knows the signs of infestation, how to spot problem areas, and how to deter pests. The hours you spend figuring that out could be spent making money, closing sales, serving customers.


If you’ve decided to go on and seek professionals for pest control in Houston you need to know what to look for. Like any industry or trade—not all companies are going to give you the same value or level of service.

One of the biggest turn-offs to customers seeking service professionals such as lawn care or pest control are contracts. The idea of a contract makes business owners feel concerned that they may get stuck with substandard service. Many pest control companies such as Champions do not work on contracts while others only work with service agreements.

Factors To Consider

Either way you go, there are some factors to consider to make sure you end up with a quality pest control professional:

Are They Licensed & Bonded & Insured?

Texas requires any companies performing pest control to have a license that is valid and current. You also want to make sure they are bonded. This is crucial as accidents do happen, if a technician damages your home they’re liable. However, if they aren’t bonded & insured—good luck getting any kind of reimbursement. All it takes is for one technician to step in the wrong place while in your attic to cost you a few thousand in ceiling repairs.

Check Their Reviews

Don’t take their word on their rave reviews—check them out yourself. Websites such as Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Google, of course, should give you a realistic impression. Also, check with the Texas Department of Agriculture to see if they’ve had any complaints filed.

What Is Their Guarantee On Services?

This is pretty simple—if a company won’t guarantee their work do not hire them. If they do, find out what the terms are and what obligations you have in that. For example, with termite service, many companies will void the guarantee if you make structural changes without notifying them. That is a fair and valid clause as the change in structure could impact the effectiveness of the pre-existing treatment.


If you’re like most business owners in Houston, you don’t have the time to deal with pest control and run your business. That being said, at least make sure you get the best pest control company in Houston—Champions Pest Control.

We’ve served this great city and surrounding areas with decades of proven experience, now let us serve your business.

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