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Pest Control The Woodlands, TX Residents Can Count On

Whether your property is a small lot in a subdivision or a large semi-rural lot with some livestock, Champions is your #1 provider for pest control in The Woodlands, TX. We can help you eliminate common nuisances and dangerous pests that can cause serious health problems for your pets and family.

These uninvited guests come in all shapes, sizes, and for all reasons—some you can’t control and some you can. We educate you on these matters and take the necessary measures to eliminate the pests and keep them from returning all year long. 


We are well aware that you have plenty of options for pest control in The Woodlands and nearby. Safely treating your home and your property is our number one concern and we use only the safest materials and methods to rid the uninvited pests taking up residence in and around your property. We take pride in doing things the right way the first time, every time. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry, not just the best pest control.

Because of our reputation for being one of the best in our industry, we get a lot of varied calls for pest control in The Woodlands and while the calls vary across the spectrum in regards to the pests we are up against—there are two common offenders we find the most interesting

Love Bugs

While their name implies feelings of affection and fondness, there is none to be found by most residents in The Woodlands for these unique insects which are actually beneficial to the environment. Yes, we said beneficial.

Now, that doesn’t mean they aren’t considered pests when you’re swiping at the air as a swarm of them surrounds your head while mating in mid-air—kids cover your eyes! Nobody wants to see that, and nobody wants the one-inch thick sludge of dearly departed lovebugs on their freshly detailed SUV or car either as you drive down Woodlands Pkwy or 1488. 

Lovebugs don’t pose a stinging or biting threat as they do neither but as we mentioned they are beneficial especially in this heavily wooded area as they assist in breaking down dead foliage and other organic material.

That being said though, everyone’s biggest issues with lovebugs is when getting out to get gas, having a cookout and of course, driving around The Woodlands.

Lovebugs normally proliferate in swarms twice a year first in May, then we get a break until the end of summer in September when they return in full force, crazy in love—cue the Beyoncé.  Anyone who lives here will attest that these flying black clouds of eventual bug sludge are nearly impossible to remove from your bumper, the grill, your hood and especially the radiator. If they’ve been on there for more than a few hours, forget it, it’s going to take some serious solvent and a pressure wash to make some headway. In fact, lovebugs have even been known to clog radiators so bad they cause some vehicles to overheat. We’re not joking around with these bugs—no one loves them. 

Fun Fact: Lovebugs confuse the exhaust fumes from your car with fresh cut lawns, dead leaves, and other dying plant matter. That is why they swarm vehicles! 

In case you are new here and haven’t yet searched for pest control in The Woodlands, you may not know what lovebugs look like. They are easy to spot as they are long small framed black bodied bugs with a thorax that is a reddish to orange color thorax.

Females lay eggs near decaying plant matter or other organic substances. The larvae remain in the soil feeding off the remnants of decaying plants. The adult lovebug, however, feeds off live flowers to extract the nectar they need to survive. Since lovebugs are very acidic in taste, there are not many predators that find them appetizing so they thrive in huge populations easily as there’s no natural culling of the swarm.

The lovebug swarm season is just one of those things you get used to, but there are some tips to make it a little more tolerable:

  • Mow your yard regularly and pick up dead grass, leaves and plant matter.
  • Move your mulch or compost beds away from your home’s foundation if at all possible.
  • Remove standing water from your property.
  • Wax your vehicle with a quality compound just before swarm seasons to aid in dead bug removal.
  • Wash your vehicle daily to avoid damage due to lovebug decomposing innards.
  • Having windshield deflectors on your hood often prevents lovebugs from striking your windshield.
  • Install a screen in front of your radiator grill to avoid possible clogging. 
  • Have the pest control The Woodlands, Tx residents trust—Champions, treat your yard and home’s perimeter to avoid a swarm in your own backyard. 

Luckily, lovebug seasons only last a few weeks and if you treat your home just before the season starts rather than after, and follow these tips—you too can survive the bi-annual “lovefest.” 

Texas Leaf Cutting Ants

You may have experienced the following scenario—you’re sitting on your deck having a cold one and you notice small pieces of leaves seemingly walking around your yard. Now, you’re only on your first Rolling Rock, so you can’t be hallucinating—and trust us you’re not.

What you are actually seeing is what is known as Texas leaf cutting ants and they fight to survive like they’re the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark and buddy the rain is coming— so it’s no wonder you are witnessing their feats of strength in the bold display right in front of you.

Leaf cutting ants will gather not only bits of leaves but also flowers and even some pieces of fruit from trees. They use these components and decomposing organic matter to cultivate an underground fungus garden deep down below the surface. They harvest the resulting fungus to feed their vast colony which can vary greatly in size. 

Depending on their colony size they will continue to search for more leaves to provide a constant food supply to their growing population. Leaf cutting ants can destroy flower beds, gardens, hedges and pretty much anything that benefits them. Some ornamental bushes and plants can even be destroyed within a matter of just 48 hours!

Texas leaf cutting ants are a distinguishable reddish-brown or dark color and average less than a half inch in length. You will likely see them the most active between April and June as well as any period such as now, where we experience large amounts of rainfall.

Most residents in The Woodlands don’t even think about these ants or any for that matter until they start seeing mounds in their yard. By that time, their colony already has interconnecting living quarters that extend up to 20 feet deep and houses thousands of ants! 

If you leave the ants with unlimited access to a food supply, leaf cutting ant colonies can exist on your property for decades and just get bigger and harder to eradicate. 

Most leaf cutting ants are just like us when it comes to the Texas heat, they hate it. So they will work most actively when the temperatures average from about 50 degrees to 80 degrees max. During the summer, this means you may only see them in the evening if at all.

Champions pest control in The Woodlands, TX can conduct thorough inspections of your property to locate potential existence of colonies, advise you of food supplies that may attract them and take preventative measures to keep them away from your home.

Once we accurately determine it’s leaf cutting ants you are dealing with, we apply the proper baits to eliminate the colony and keep them from returning as well.


Contact Champions today to schedule your consultation and let’s get your pest problem under control with safe and proven methods and materials that bring you and your family a pest-free peace of mind.

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