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“What If It Rains Before, During Or After Any Pest Control Service?”

A: Depending on the location of where we’re performing pest control service. If we’re applying inside the house, then rain is not a problem. But, if we’re looking at doing an exterior service or a yard or any kind of treatment that requires the product to set into the soil− then any service will be rescheduled or reset for another day once the weather clears.

Quite often we have clients contact us when rain Is forecasted on their appointment date. They usually have concerns about the effectiveness of pest control service with the rain. Often their logic is that the pesticides will wash away with rain.

We completely understand this concern. No one wants to spend money on pest control service for it to be negated by rain. Your concerns are valid, and, in some cases, the rain will have an impact on pest control service. However, it’s not always the case and sometimes rain will have minimal to zero impact at all on your treatment. It really just depends on the type of treatment being performed, the pesticide being used, and the location where it’s being applied. So, the major question you all want to be answered right away is the elephant in the room:

Can you spray pesticides in the rain? The answer is not cut and dry. Sure, the inside can be sprayed, that’s a given. However, spraying the yard and the perimeter of your home in the rain can be ineffective. It mainly depends on the severity of the rain and the product being used.

Pest control services are typically not impacted by light showers in Houston. This is because most homes have overhangs or gutter systems that keep exterior walls dry. Some yard treatments benefit from water exposure.


Many Houston residents believe the rain will wash away their pest control treatments−so, they cancel their appointments as we’ve mentioned. Other customers call us when it rains shortly after a treatment. So, if you’re feeling those same concerns or panic−you’re not alone, you’re in the majority.

However, you really have nothing to worry about. Most of the products used in Houston pest control are completely insoluble, water does not affect them. However, pest control can be impacted if it rains heavily for several days.

While the heavy daily rain Houston sometimes receives won’t wash pesticides away, it can dilute them to some degree. However, many pesticides take effect immediately on contact so, their impact may not be affected to a measurable extent.

So, to sum it up, typically a light shower won’t wash away treatments. However, if it rains heavily immediately after an outdoor treatment− that might be an issue. That is why at Champions, we take a proactive approach to pest control services.

If the forecast shows light rain we will continue all treatments. But if heavy rain is forecasted on, before or immediately after your appointment we’ll reschedule. We won’t waste your money and time in these situations−it’s just the right thing to do to reschedule you. We want you to feel you got every bit of service that you paid for.


We’d really love to give a blanket answer but it’s just not possible, it really does depend. Some types of pest control treatments are unaffected by rain altogether. For example, spider web removal and wasp nest removal can be performed in a monsoon if needed.

Additionally, treatments on covered patios, home interiors, entryways and weep holes are also unaffected. Some specific pest control applications are completely unaffected by the change in weather. Examples of this would again be spider web removal and wasp nests removal. So, pest control involving these procedures can be done regardless of the weather condition.

Also, if you got the exterior treated and it rains after, but at least 3 days after the treatment−it is unaffected. This again goes back to the fact that most homes have overhangs and gutters that keep those walls dry. Now, keep in mind that’s assuming light to moderate rain. If we’re getting a classic hurricane-fed thunderstorm with 70MPH gusts−different ballgame. Again, that’s why part of our scheduling is checking Houston weather forecasts and planning accordingly.

Some treatments do need to bind to the area that it’s being applied to. When it’s been raining heavily, saturating the surface−the product may not bind properly. Typically, spraying any saturated surface is going to make the pesticide ineffective. So, we won’t schedule any appointments right after a lengthy, heavy storm.


Yes and no. It may sound like we’re beating a dead horse here but once again; it just depends on the situation. Most pest control professionals, including us, will spray interiors and exterior perimeter if it’s very light rain. Where we differ from many is that if it’s more than a light drizzle, we would rather reschedule. We do this to ensure maximum effectiveness of the products that we apply− we want you to get your money’s worth. Sometimes though, recent rainfall can be beneficial to pest control services.

How Can Rain Be Beneficial To A Treatment?

When it rains, the ground softens up and most pests such as ants, come to the surface to escape the moisture. With the pests exposed like this, it makes any pesticide that much more effective as we can apply it directly.

Furthermore, some pesticides need a wet surface for the active ingredients to activate and be released. Products such as granular pellets that are spread out all over the lawn need water to activate and eradicate pests. The rain and moisture make the process that much easier and effective. Normally a homeowner has to water their yard after we apply granular pellets−the rain just does that for them.


If you haven’t picked up on it yet− there is no clear-cut answer regarding pest control and rain. If we are performing your service, we will reschedule for anything more than light rain. Of course, that doesn’t include service calls where we’re only treating the inside of your home.

When it is the rainy season in Houston it’s important to call us as soon as you have an issue. If you see signs of pests in your home or around your yard you never want to wait or put it off. Once pests find your home to be a safe haven they will stay—and multiply. Delaying pest control treatment could extend infestations longer than you expect. Unexpected rain delays and other scheduling issues can give time for your small issue to turn into a large one.

Not only does this make it harder to eradicate the issue, but some pests such as termites pose bigger risks. Furthermore, in the case of termites, rainy weather drives them to mate when it’s warm. Couple that with moisture from rainstorms that can cause damage—you have a perfect storm for an infestation (no pun intended).

Do you have a pest issue that is developing or a full infestation? Don’t hesitate to contact us to fix the problem ASAP. We’ll worry about the weather. You just call and make the appointment.

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