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5 Facts You Need To Know About Ants


If you have ever been on a picnic and had the unfortunate experience of stepping in an ant pile, you know all too well that ants can be a painful nuisance. When they infiltrate your home, however, it is quite the task  for many Houston pest control services to eliminate them and stop the infestation. Ants, while small are very resilient and highly intelligent insects. They can easily show up out of nowhere and overrun your pantry, your cabinets and pretty much anywhere they can find food or water to survive on. How much do you think you actually know about ants, you might be surprised at some of the interesting facts about ants.

Did You Know?

Ants Lifespans Can Vary Greatly: Ants are colonial in nature and while the queen of a colony can survive for upwards of 20 years, most worker ants barely last a year at best.

Ants March With A Trail: If you ever notice ants often travel in an organized line? How do they know though where to go and how far? Ants actually release an invisible guideline of pheromones that let each other know how to get to a food source or back to the colony. This is how ants can travel almost 1000 ft from their colony and find their way back easily.

Ants Are Incredibly Strong: You will commonly see an ant carrying a breadcrumb on its back for long distances. They feed their colony in this manner but what you may fail to realize it the sheer amazement of this feat. Ants are very light, yet can carry fifty times their body weight! That would be like an average 150lb man lifting four pickup trucks on his back and carrying them. It really is mind-blowing when you think about it.

The Ant Population Is Huge:  In our many years offering Houston pest control services, we still have only seen a mere fraction of the ant species that exist. Would you believe there are over 10,000 ant species worldwide numbering in the trillions across the earth?

Ants Dominate Each Other: Many ant species literally capture and force weaker ants from other colonies to work for them as slaves.

How To Prevent Ant Infestations

There are many natural methods to prevent and treat ant infestations in your yard and home. One of the most common natural methods involves planting mint around your home as it disrupts ants sense of smell and communication.

The best way, however, is to let the Houston pest control professionals at Champions come out and assess your ant problem. We will determine what is luring them, how you can prevent it, and treat your yard to rid you of this nuisance safely. Call us today for an estimate!

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