What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

If you’ve ever woken up from a good night of rest with red welts that itch and swell—you might have an unwelcome company you didn’t know about. No, we aren’t talking about an intruder of the human kind, rather we mean bed bugs. Yes, that one bug that can have five minutes of fame on […]

Stop Inviting Pests In Your Home This Summer

With summer rapidly approaching, the frequency of outdoor festivals, cookouts, picnics and other outdoor events is not only a favorite for local residents but also pests. Nothing kills your mood at your family barbecue or reunion like a swarm of mosquitoes or aggressive ants. When you wake up on a hot summer Saturday to head […]

Is Your Home A Target For Pests This Spring? Your Guide To Avoid Infestation

If the ever-unpredictable Texas weather has finally settled in on spring, we should start seeing some beautiful flowers, sunny days, blue skies, and perfect temperatures. Of course this is Houston and that also means spring brings not just warmer weather, but spring showers and humidity. Anyone who has lived in Houston for a decent amount […]

Pest Control 101

When the temperatures get colder in Houston, insects, rodents and other animals seem to think your home is a Hilton hotel.  Although they prefer their natural habitat the reason they brave the dangers of human interaction is to satisfy basic needs: food or shelter.  If you are not careful they may find both in your […]

Champions Pest Control Second To None In Residential Pest Control

With the weather warming up over the next month or two, Houston will once again be buzzing with insects and pests of all kinds. During the unseasonably cold weather we have seen, it has helped to quell the insect and pest population; but only temporarily. When spring rolls around, mosquitos, love bugs, rodents and other […]

3 Things You Should Know About Houston’s Unwanted Visitors: Cockroaches

Most people have seen cockroaches and we are quite sure not many are fond of these pests.  Perhaps you have seen the daring guy on television who lets hundreds of cockroaches scurry across his body.  Gross! This makes the hairs on our arms stand just thinking about it. Have you tried to round up a […]

4 Things To Look For When Choosing A Pest Control Service Near You

Living in the Piney Woods region of Texas, many residents in The Woodlands and North Houston area deal with a variety of unwelcome pests such as raccoons, possum, rats and of course those pesky mosquitos we are famous for. No one wants to have to call a pest control service but it’s a fact of […]

3 Common Pests That Drive Houston-Area Residents Crazy

If you’ve ever had a pest infestation such as ants, wasps or fleas then you know how quickly a minor problem turns into a major one quite rapidly. Given the mild tropical climate of Houston with rare cold snaps and freezes, pests and rodents flourish here more than any other region in Texas. With our […]

4 Common Pests To Expect After Severe Flooding

If you live in the greater Houston area then you no doubt know that we just recently suffered major flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of people are beginning to rebuild damaged and destroyed homes. One thing to expect in the wake of severe flooding is an increased presence of certain common pests. Keep reading to see what […]