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Houston Pest Control Pros Talk Termites

Houston Pest Control Termites

There are few things more disheartening to a Houston homeowner than finding out their house is infested with termites. These destructive pests can cause serious damage to your home if left unchecked, so it’s important to be able to identify a termite problem and take steps to get rid of them as quickly as possible. […]

Should I Clean After Pest Control?

https://youtu.be/LrbwVCzy6qo A: Yes, it’s ok to clean after pest control once the application is dry and the technician has let you know the timeframe that is ok to clean. Pest control in Houston is a must these days because pests are constantly adapting. What used to exterminate pests ten years ago doesn’t always work today. […]

Why Is Pest Control Required?

A: Pest control can be required when there is food handling, food prep, children, or healthcare workers, etc. Certain institutions are required by law or regulations to have pest control service. Most homeowners and structural homes are not required. Once again, it’s just by the customer —when you need it, you need it. Even if […]

Are Bugs Worse In The Summer Or The Winter?

A: Generally speaking, when the temperatures go up—the bugs come out. It’s when they’re harboraging for food and looking for moisture. When the temperatures go down most of your insects go down, so bugs are more active in the summertime. While Houston tends to remain fairly mild in terms of the cold, it still has […]

Do I Need Pest Control In The Winter?

A: Pest control in the winter can be helpful for controlling pests that will emerge in early spring. There are also certain animals and insects that will try to seek harborage in the home during the winter. So, yes pest control in the winter is an option and sometimes needed. We know that it’s impossible […]

What Time Of Year Is Best For Pest Control?

A: Pest control is just dependent on when the customer needs it. It can be heavier in the summer when the weather is hotter. There are pests that are more active in winter as well—animals are looking for harborage in houses. Once again, it just depends on the customer— when you need it is when […]

What Is The Best Pest Control Method?

A: The method depends on the pest you’re trying to control, the environment that you’re in, and the limitations of the structure or building you’re controlling. It can be a physical exclusion, a chemical application, or it could be a removal of material to take care of a problem. So, the best method is the […]

How Many Times Should Pest Control Be Done?

A: It’s totally up to the customer. Depending on whether they want regular service to see zero bugs. Are they trying to eliminate a single problem, or are they trying to get rid of an infestation? It is a decision and a process that will come about after the first treatment. We’ll see if there […]

“What If It Rains Before, During Or After Any Pest Control Service?”

A: Depending on the location of where we’re performing pest control service. If we’re applying inside the house, then rain is not a problem. But, if we’re looking at doing an exterior service or a yard or any kind of treatment that requires the product to set into the soil− then any service will be […]

How Long Does Pest Control Take?

A: Depending on the pest that you’re looking at eliminating and the size of the property, it can range anywhere from 30 minutes to all day for a Houston pest control treatment. This is one of the most often asked questions we get asked aside from questions about Houston pest control costs. You might be […]

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