How Do I Prepare For Pest Control Treatment?

A: That depends on what pest you’re trying to control and what the level of infestation is at the control site. Preparation can be anything from zero to a total cleanout of pantries and cabinets or removal of infested materials in or around the structure. So, it varies depending on what you’re trying to control […]

What Kind Of Bugs Does Pest Control Kill?

A: Pest control can kill all bugs depending on location, product, and the needs of the customer. We can take care of any variety of bugs out there. Look, we know that during these tough financial times, people are trying to cut extra expenses out where they can. Unfortunately, that has led to a lot […]

What Is The Difference Between Pest Control And An Exterminator?

A: The term, “Pest Control” in Houston, can vary based on what’s being eliminated.  Is it a raccoon, is it a squirrel, is it a cockroach, is it a termite? An exterminator, or the word exterminator, generally applies to the technician that is performing the pest control. It is usually the applicator of the product […]

Is Pest Control Only For Residential Properties?

A: No, pest control in Houston can be done at commercial properties such as restaurants, daycares, hospitals, office buildings, & storage units. The commercial aspect of pest control in Houston is very similar to residential—people just don’t sleep there. We can take care of any kind of problem at any type of property. WHY YOUR […]

Is The Service Safe For People And Pets?

A: Yes, our Houston pest control service is very safe for people and pets. All our products used in our Houston pest control treatments are EPA registered. They’re designed and labeled for use around and in commercial and residential buildings. Pesticides and insecticides are quite effective in eradicating pests from around your yard and inside […]

Houston Pest Control Tips: Summer Edition

Look, if you live in Houston, then you know bugs and other wildlife can cause trouble year-round. However, summer is when they all really surge in numbers and activity. Well, there is a reason for that—the circle of life. Lion King imagery aside, living things eat living things whether it be creatures or vegetation, they […]

Houston Pest Control Post-Flood

In the Houston post-flood pest control industry, it’s common knowledge that spring is the busiest season for any provider.  Mainly because it’s the time of the year that Houston receives the most rainfall—like these recent floods. Now, Houstonians are no strangers to floods, whether they are as small as a bayou overflow, or as large […]

Pest Control In Houston: What’s The Cost?

When dealing with pests in your home, often, a rat trap or bug spray just isn’t enough to solve your problem.  Many homeowners in Houston find themselves only putting a small band-aid on a growing problem or infestation. That’s when it’s time to reach for a serious solution and call in a professional to eradicate […]

A Cockroach Invasion In Winter?

Listen up Houston, when the weather gets cold outside you can bet insects are cold too. Just because Houston doesn’t get down to freezing temps often, doesn’t mean it’s not cold to insects and pests, especially a cockroach. When the weather turns cold like this and you see fewer mosquitos, most assume all insects are […]

Houston Real Estate Pest Inspection 101

We normally talk about Houston pest inspection and prevention in our articles, because well—it’s sort of our business. But let’s just do a complete 180 and talk about real estate, shall we? Don’t worry, we’re getting somewhere with this. So, maybe you’ve thought about moving into a nicer home in this buyers’ market? If this […]